Board of Directors

As with any organization, the abilities to make great things happen are powered by the team members involved. This holds true for us and we are so very blessed to have so many talented and caring individuals donating their time to help the local citizens of Panama City Beach that are in need.

For each individual that donates their time there is an employer or business that supports their efforts by letting them off early or assisting them at an event or donating some products, services, or even cash. This combining effort by so many is what makes Beach Care Services so unique and successful. Our Board of Directors are extremely resourceful and completely dedicated to helping, too. Each member brings a different perspective that combines to equal a powerful force.

We invite you to contact us and see how you can get involved in building our community stronger. Together we can do it!

Please Donate!

Your tax deductible donation will help locals in need.

2019 Board of Directors - Officers

Talena Grawburg

SERVPRO of Bay County
(616) 540-4101

Jessica Walkoski
Vice President

LBA Properties
(850) 230-9080

Jennifer Burke

Burke Merchant Solutions, LLC.
(850) 596-5184

John Harrison

Beach Care Services
(850) 896-6900

2019 Board of Directors - Members

Bill Buskell

Pineapple Willy’s
(850) 235-0928

Paul Casto

PCB City Councilman
(850) 233-5100

Doug DeGood

DeBest Pizza, Inc.
(850) 819-3333

Philomena Martrain

Bay County Chamber of Commerce
(225) 806-3308

Charlotte Newby

Beach Care Services
(850) 230-2829

Gayle Oberst

Former Mayor, Panama City Beach
(850) 866-1541

David Smith

Sand Oak Financial Partners, LLC
(850) 774-6475

Shannon Richmond

PCB Chamber of Commerce
(850) 890-8069

Lacey Phillips Maxwell

Beachy Beach Real Estate
(850) 233-4351

Larry Thompson

Grand Slam Tournaments
(706) 332-0035

Melissa Traxler
Board Member

Pineapple Willy's
(850) 258-3932

Skip Stoltz
Board Member

DeBest Pizza, Inc.
(850) 276-6111

Kim Epperson
Board Member

Beach Care Services
(812) 455-1234

Mark Sheldon
Board Member

Panama City Beach Entertainment
(334) 464-3030

Our Fundraiser Events

Please Donate!

Your tax deductible donation will help locals in need.